Female Sexual Problems

Sexual Problems

Answer to all Female sex problems- Dr. Kalpana Erande

Are you ready to take your life back on tracks? Life without sexual intimacy is mere existence. Stop existing and start living again especially your sex life.

Almost every woman faces sexual displeasure due to some reason or the other and it is very common. The sexual life of a female is a complex phenomenon that includes physical, psychological, and social aspects. Being a woman, every one of them has their own beliefs, requirements, and issues related to their sexual life. Female Sexual Problems serve as a bridge between the psychological and physical health.

Most of the women, being shy or with lowered self-esteem do not come forward to share their sexual problems. Dr. Kalpana Erande, the  Best Ayurvedic Sexologist in Pune, India, at Vedsuman Ayurvedic clinic, provides you a confidential, comfortable, and safe platform to share your feminine problem with the Best Female Sexologist in Pune.

Some common female sexual problems we treat in Vedsuman are listed below. For all these issues and many more, we promise the Best Sexual Problem Treatment in India.

  • Sexual dysfunction

    Facing consistent problems regarding sexual behavior, response, desire, orgasm, and pain during sex are the basic symptoms of female sexual dysfunction. The following factors can usually cause sexual dysfunction in females:

    • - Lack of correct information regarding sexual and social interaction
    • - Unconscious guilt or anxiety regarding sex
    • - Performance anxiety
    • - Low sexual desire in partner for a long time
    • - Communication failure between partners
  • Decreased Sexual Desire

    It occurs when you no longer wish to have sex or your desire is diminished. It can affect a woman at various points of her life like menopause, pregnancy, after delivery, old age, and so on. Other causes include excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking, stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, fatigue, hormonal disorders, and certain drugs.

  • Orgasm and Arousal Disorders

    Your sexual desire might stay normal but you may face arousal problems even after proper sexual stimulation. It is called arousal disorder. Orgasm disorder occurs when you have sexual desire, get aroused but cannot have a proper orgasm.
    Most of the women even do not know what orgasm or arousal is. Lack of knowledge and in not getting satisfied by the partner are major causes of these disorders.

  • Pain during Sex-

    Termed as Dyspareunia, it is can happen due to various reasons like vaginismus, vaginitis, cervicitis, endometriosis or any infection in the genital tract.

  • Vaginismus

    This occurs when the muscles around your vaginal opening contracts without any abnormality in genital organs involuntarily making sexual penetration painful. One of the reasons behind this could be the fear of getting hurt during sex. For Vaginal Tightening Treatment in India, Contact Vedsuman Clinic Now.

  • Substance/Medication Induced Sexual Disorder

    This occurs when a previous medication causes a decrease in desire for sex or other sexual problems like SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) used for treating depression.

  • Genital Cutting or Mutilation

    Female Genital mutilation is when women who have faced cutting or injury or change genitals for no medical reason. They often face reduced sexual drive as well as lack of orgasm or arousal or pleasure

  • After Menopause Sex due to Vaginal Dryness

    Sex after menopause gets problematic in most women due to the drying of the vagina as the female hormones namely progesterone and estrogen get reduced. This affects the lubrication in the vagina during sex causing reduced sexual desire. Get Vaginal Tightening Treatment in India at Vedsuman Clinic.

  • Infertility

    Infertility that is the inability to get pregnant in women can be due to variety of reasons. We treat all kinds of Infertility even if you think that there is no cause of infertility or inability to reproduce, or have given up on having a child.

  • PCOD

    Polycystic ovary syndrome is rampant among the young generation now leading to irregular menstruation or excessive male hormones

  • Breast Lifting/ Breast Reshaping/Breast Enlargement

    Non surgical Breast enhancement is done in a way so that you get fuller, firmer breasts or breasts of your desired shape naturally. Here at Vedsuman, Our Doctor is providing Natural Breast Lift Treatment in India.

  • Tightening of Vagina

    If you are not satisfied with your vagina, we can make it tighter through our natural medication.

  • Vaginal Itching

    Various factors like minor or major infection, menopause transition, irritating chemicals, STDS, or any other disorder can lead to vaginal itching which is irritating and can be painful too.

Not only do we provide services related to diseases but there exist other psychological issues based on sex that need to be healed for your good. Some of these include  Maintaining Safe Sexual Practices to prevent STDs, Adolescents Sex Education for teens to have safe and healthy sex life, Menopausal Sexual Reorientation for Couples, Counselling About Sexual Orientation, and many more.

These are some very natural and can occur in any woman no matter what her age is, civil status, or sexual orientation. Not only sexual problems, issues related to their physic or figure which makes them feel embarrassed like small breasts, saggy breasts, breast enlargement, breast tightening, loose vagina, tightening vagina, and so on are also treated here. Without surgery, in a natural way, we provide Breast Lifting and Breast Reshaping or Non-surgical Breast enhancement as mentioned. We are providing Natural Breast Lift Treatment in India to sculpt your body/figure. Overexposure to pornography style media is also the reason for poor body image, lowered self-esteem, confidence, and self-consciousness. All will be treated under one roof-Vedsuman clinic. Hence for the best services avail Best Female Sex Doctor in India.

Dr. Kalpana Erande is the Best Ayurvedic Sexologist in Pune, India that you will ever come across. Specializing in the field of sexual health, she is professional yet sensible and understanding. She would understand all your problems without judgment and provide you with the Best Female Sexual Treatment in Pune near Mumbai in Vedsuman Clinic. Here ayurvedic medication, exercises, yoga, lifestyle modifications, and last but not the least, counseling by the doctor herself boosts your morals. We have the Best Female Sex Doctor in India, who treats every issue of female intimacy while maintaining utmost confidentiality as the majority of women do not approach doctors out of shyness for Female Sexual Problems/Treatment.

Feel free to check your compatibility with her, ask questions, and know the reasons, causes, and prevention. We at Vedsuman help to relieve your anxiety and stress and help you establish a healthy relationship between the partners. Rest assured about ayurvedic services in Vedsuman Clinic for she is the Best Sexologist in Pune, India. Counseling plays a crucial part in the treatment of all sexual problems. Here you get counseling in a proper and friendly manner. Since ayurvedic medications and treatment has no side effects, it will cause you no further damage while healing your sexual health and changing your life forever for the greater good.

Get Online Consultation from anywhere around the world at the comfort of your home with the Best Female Sexologist in Pune, Dr . Kalpana Erande. After consultation, we will deliver our tested Ayurvedic medicines at your doorstep.


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